September 24, 2016

What People Say About Steve


Crisis Management

Brad Gair – Former 9/11 Recovery Officer, Appointed by the President and Director of FEMA and Former Director of Housing Recovery Operations, NYC Mayor’s Office

Steve Hagerty has proven time and again to be one of the very best in the high stakes emergency management consulting industry.  Thanks to the efforts of Steve and his talented team, communities as diverse as New York City after both 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy and New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina have been able to recover much more expeditiously and completely.

As the lead federal official for 9/11 recovery in New York City, I challenged Steve to assist in completing the award of $8.8 billion of federal grants in less than two years, and the results still stand as the most successful recovery project in FEMA history.  And over the past four years, Steve has been able to help New York City obtain billions of dollars of Hurricane Sandy disaster aid to help rebuild parks, beaches, streets, schools, public housing and many other critical public facilities. Steve’s business may be small, but his impact on the lives of millions of Americans and communities all across the nation has been huge.


Public Safety

Walter Melnick – Former FEMA 9/11 Chief of Staff and NYPD Inspector & Gerald Connolly – FEMA 9/11 Public Assistance Officernycfd

After 366 NYC firefighters and police officers perished after 9/11, Steve made the compelling and successful argument that the federal government ought to reimburse the NYC Pension system over $300M to cover death benefits and pension costs associated with the loss of these emergency responders.

Steve Rush
– NYC FDNY Assistant Commissioner of Finance & Budget

The FDNY had no better friend after 9/11 than Steve Hagerty. When the federal bureaucracy initially leaned “no” Steve always managed to get them to say, “yes,” in the end; demonstrating that the City was entitled to federal funds to cover lost lives, damaged equipment, and emergency response costs.


Community Building

Patrick Hughes – Former Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Co-Founder of the Evanston MashUp, Founder & CEO of Inclusion Solutions

When Steve became President of the Evanston Chamber Board in 2009 he challenged Board members to either reduce costs or increase revenue. His challenge was met by the creation of the Evanston MashUp, an event that to this day attracts more than 500 community leaders who connect, collaborate, and create. Many important relationships in the City exist as a result of Steve’s challenge long ago.

Irwin Weil – Professor Emeritus in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature at Northwestern University

I met Steve Hagerty 10 years ago when his company threw an open house at The Hahn Building. It was the first time any tenant had done that. Since then Steve and I – an emergency management consultant and a Russian literature expert – have developed a friendship. Steve proactively brings people together in this community and I think that his genial personality and genuine interest in public policy issues can only have a positive result for the City I’ve called home since 1961.”


Professionalism and Process

Dawn Davis-Zeinemann – Member of Mayor’s Harley Clarke Citizen Advisory Committeeharleyclarkemansion

Steve did a phenomenal job managing one of the most contentious issues in town – what to do with the Harley Clarke mansion? He did it with steady professionalism, transparency, planning, and an open mind.

Fred Tombar – Former Senior Advisor to the Secretary of HUD and Former Executive Director of the Louisiana Housing Corporation

Steve and I worked together as management consultants at Price Waterhouse for nearly five years. He is one of the most creative and intellectually curious people I know. He is always looking for and finding better ways to do things. His ambition and energy pale only to his integrity.


Youth Development

Ellen Muench – Former Youth & Opportunity United (YOU) YES Camp Manager

Steve was the person who made me think differently about activating the business community to support our youth. I didn’t know what to expect when he walked into our first YES Camp session with the kids. I guess I was a little hesitant about a business persons’ ability to connect with youth.

youlogoBut he was so good at distilling what Hagerty Consulting does to this basic idea of wanting to help communities build an infrastructure for safety and security. And that sense of commitment to the community imbues all he does. Steve clearly cares deeply about the youth in this community and the community at large. We are very very lucky to have him on the YOU Board, not only because of his commitment to the mission, but because he asks insightful and important questions, at times when those questions need to be asked.

Elizabeth NewtonFounder of Allowance for Good

Through my work in social enterprise and community engagement with youth, I have the pleasure of interacting with countless engaged and committed leaders. Among them, Steve is a standout example of how one individual’s commitment to advancing change is possible through public-private partnerships. Steve’s ability to nurture relationships, scale solutions, and invest in a new generation of leaders demonstrate his vision for a connected future for Evanston.


David Van Slyke – Dean of the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs at Syracuse University:

Steve Hagerty is the type of alumni that every professor and University leader hopes to work with. He is not only committed to the missions of Syracuse University and the Maxwell School, but he is also accessible, engaged and deeply passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.

color_maxwell-300x206At the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, the Athenian Oath is the foundation of our commitment to public service. Steve Hagerty is testament to the fact that public service can happen anywhere—in public, private, and nonprofit organizations, in communities, and in teaching the next generation the importance of the public good and—as written in the Oath—of leaving the City we inherit as leaders not only not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.

In working with Steve, I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand how he embraces the core principles of fairness and transparency that undergird his public service ethos, and his commitment to working collaboratively to understand diverse viewpoints and to address opportunities and challenges in a manner that is inclusive and forward looking.

Steve Hagerty is a successful entrepreneur, dedicated community servant, mentor, philanthropist, deeply committed public servant, and a devoted father and husband. I am a strong supporter of Steve as a valuable alumni and good friend.