August 22, 2016

Improving Our Infrastructure

We must always be innovative and proactive when it comes to improving city infrastructure and city services. Anyone who drives through Evanston knows that many of our roads need improvements, and that there are neighborhoods which need infrastructure and service delivery brought up to parity with the city as a whole.

In addition to utilizing my experience with the state and federal grant-making process to bring in infrastructure improvement dollars, I will work hard to ensure that Evanston is getting a good deal with regard to one of our most precious resources – our Lake Michigan water. We currently sell water to neighboring municipalities and I want to fully analyze our current arrangements and make sure that we are operating in a way that is both fiscally and environmentally sound and fair to all parties.

Just as importantly, I will apply my values of openness, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to decision making on infrastructure and constituent services. Open government is good government. Everyone in Evanston should expect a local government that is well-functioning, that removes garbage, clears snow, provides functioning streetlights and traffic signals, clean, potable water and safe roads.

If any Aldermen or city staff are not responsive to the issues, I will get involved. I’ll monitor the weekly 311 reports and 911 reports to understand better the nature of the problems. Additionally, I will communicate externally and regularly to the public through social media so my thought process regarding larger issues facing the city is understood.

Much of my professional and civic leadership is directly attributable to my ability to communicate regularly, consistently, and effectively. I’ll do the same as Mayor to make sure residents receive top notch city services and infrastructure improvements.

Find out more about the issues I believe are important to Evanston’s future here: