March 9, 2017

FAQ: District 65 Referendum

Hello Mr. Hagerty, What is your position on the D65 School Referendum?

  • I believe that a strong public school system is an essential bedrock of the Evanston community, and as Mayor, I will work with the administrations of Districts 202 and 65 to make sure Evanston’s public schools continue to be places where learning thrives.  More than anything, I want Evanston to continue to be a community where all kids get an excellent education and grow to have happy, productive, and meaningful lives.  I want parents’ aspirations for their children to be matched by our schools’ high expectations for all kids.
  • I strongly support the District 65 Operating Referendum endorsed by the District 65 Administration and the District 65 School Board.  While I believe it is necessary to maintain the excellence of our public schools, I also understand that it could have a negative effect on something else that is important to me – affordable housing in Evanston.  Because of that, I will develop and implement a comprehensive affordable housing plan using money from the City Council’s recently adopted Inclusionary Housing Policy.  I am committed to keeping Evanston a community that is economically and ethnically diverse.
  • If the Operating Referendum doesn’t pass, I am a candidate who understands how economic development increases our property tax revenue, which in turn supports our public schools.  I want to build a strong economic base so that we can adequately fund our schools regardless of what happens in Springfield and without the need for additional referenda in the future.  Based on my experiences as an entrepreneur, as a board member of First Bank & Trust, and as Chair of the Harley Clarke Advisory Committee, I have a track record that shows that I understand the need to balance expanding the City’s tax base with addressing legitimate neighbor and community concerns.  A huge part of my work as a consultant has been to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to municipal governments during their most challenging times, and I will apply that creativity every day as Mayor to any challenge the City of Evanston faces.